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—Stephanie P.

“Great advice for women.  Definitely would recommend this book for anyone looking for a motivating voice.  Great advice and space to record your thoughts on the exercises.”

Redefine and reprioritize your life on your own terms by making yourself # 1 without guilt or apology. It is your turn right now!  Take it. Learn how in Dr. Langley’s best selling book. 

It's Your Turn NOW! 7 Secrets To Living Life On Your Own Terms

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Speak Your Voice: Unmute Your Voice. Be Heard. Get Your Power Back.

Dr. Langley gives intimate details of sexual assault, abuse and suicidality, and how she and others in her book, turned tragedies into powerful life lessons by using the power of her voice to make significant impact, not only in her life but in the lives of others throughout her clinical career.  Learn how you too can Speak Your Voice, unmute your voice, and get your power back.

“The power behind Dr. Langley’s words as she teaches on Speaking Your Voice was electrifying. I realized that there is someone out there that can identify with my life’s experiences and I need to not hold back. Dr. Langley empowered me to be willing to share like I have never shared before, teaching me to stop hiding. This is for anyone who felt like their voice is muted and needs to come out of hiding. I know I did. My life is changed and yours will be, too.”

—Jessica K.



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Lead Limitlessly: How to LeadSuccessful and Happy Lives

This powerful ebook demonstrates what success and happiness means from 12 women leaders, as they share their secrets to leading a life without limits on your own terms. Learn how to recognize your purpose and own your power because it all leads to greater profits! Also, to Lead Limitlessly, you have to truly believe in yourself to turn impossible situations into limitless opportunities for your life, lifestyle and livelihood.

“Powerful!!!!! Thank you! Dr. Sarah has a powerful message of leadership and empowerment that resonates that guides you to awaken your dreams.”

—Jewels M.



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Operation Combat C.O.V.I.D.: Calm In Chaos

If you have been in fear and uncertainty due to the pandemic, this ebook will help you get back on track, mind, body and spirit.  Acquire the practical strategies, skills and tools to increase your critical thinking, problem solving, and manage your responses and reactions, as you cope during this time. Take advantage of the tips you can implement day in and day out as needed, to help improve your mental stability, boost your immune system, increase your energy, and renew your hope.

“I could not find the right word to describe this ebook -- Awesome, Phenomenal, Sensational, Compassionate, Empathic, Genuinely Gentle, Unapologetically Real and viscerally Emotional! Excellent! I believe it help those who need support.”

—Towanda L.

Award Winning Equity Diversity and Inclusion Consultant


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The Limitless Leading Effect: How to Lead Without Limits or Setbacks

The Limitless Leading Effect ebook is for the limitless leader who wants to strive, improve, learn, thrive and advance during these challenging times.

In these current difficult times where companies all over are reducing their workforce, it's critically important that the skills of those remaining are invested in and improved upon. In good or bad times growing your internal talent will increase the loyalty and commitment of your people and give you a competitive advantage.

Limitless leadership is a leadership principle that has been proven to work and produce great leaders in various professional sectors. This Limitless leadership principle in the Limitless Leading Effect will help develop leaders to respond to maintain successful customer relationships during and beyond the pandemic.

“I enjoyed reading this book from Dr. Langley.  She definitely wants us to Be Limitless and go beyond our self-imposed limitations. I am certainly empowered after learning the principles to Leading Limitlessly and becoming a better leader in my field. ”

—Sherry C.

Beauty Consultant and Wellness Advocate



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