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The purpose of this book is to motivate, inspire, and move the reader to think about what success means and how to pursue happiness. This book is intended to help successful executive and entrepreneurial women give themselves permission to be happy and even more successful, without guilt or worry. Many successful people seem to be happy with their success, but at their detriment and cost of what they truly wanted to do a long time ago, until now.It’s Your Turn NOW gives frank, raw and powerful examples of Dr. Sarah’s personal challenges and how she overcame them all by making it her turn NOW. Sarah provides case studies and excellent examples of other successful people who have recognized the secrets to living life on their own terms. She also provides step by step, simple and easy-to-use exercises on how to create a life of happiness and success through self-reflection. This book will help the reader discover how to truly be happy and successful all at the same time, by living life on their own terms. It’s Your Turn NOW!

Speak Your Voice: Unmute Your Voice. Be Heard. Get Your Power Back

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