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The Essentials for Running a Successful Business

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

You are Ready

The dream has been set into reality, the team has been assembled, and the product is ready to launch. You are on the precipice of running your very own business. You have had sleepless nights and endless business meetings. With any luck, you’ve met up with some girlfriends and drank wine while you gushed over your excitement and cried over your fears. The prep work is over. Now that you’re ready to hit the ground running, it is important to follow these basic elements of running your successful business.

Get cash flowing ASAP

It seems basic, but it is important to remember: You are in the business of being in business to make money. Without money, you are sunk. You need money to buy your product, to keep the lights on, to pay the rent, and to pay your employees. You need to do whatever necessary to get the cash flow started. Have a big open house unveiling event. Offer huge promotions. Do whatever you can to get the ball rolling.

Over estimate cost, under estimate revenue

This is actually an essential business running tip that women are scientifically proven to excel at. Generally speaking, according to a recent study, women have an easier time adhering to, maintaining, and establishing a budget than their male counterparts. Women are more accustomed to looking at the large picture and create conservative financial expectations and plan accordingly. A key to succeeding in business, especially at the start, is to overestimate every expense and under estimate the amount of revenue coming in.

Obsess over sales and marketing

No one said that once you finished creating your business that you wouldn’t be obsessing over it. Your entire focus must be sales and how to market your business to get more of them. Enroll in SEO analytics and see what your clients are looking for, then market yourself until you’re blue in the face. Work hard day and night to reach your customers or clients and make sure you’re giving them what they want. Every single sale is crucial to your business, and you can never forget that.

Keep data and use it

Did a radio ad work? Remember that. Did your coupon in the local newspaper fail? Remember it. Do clients respond better to certain services than others? Write it down. Pay attention to all the details and look for trends.

Go big

If your business is going to fail, you want it to fail quickly. Why? Because that means less money and time has been sunk into your efforts. Why is that important? It minimizes your risk and also opens you up to starting something new and revamped. And also, why did you get into the idea of having your own business if you weren’t committed to doing everything you could to make it thrive? Women tend to avoid being aggressive, and this is one situation where sitting back and quietly waiting for things to get better can ruin you. Get big and bold!

Remember, You Are Worthy

Women are uniquely qualified to start their own businesses, yet many don’t because it seems too daunting or overwhelming. While the risks and deterrents are real, the rewards and the splendor that comes from being your own boss is beyond explicable. You are worthy of your dreams coming true. You are worthy of success and freedom. There are no boundaries for you, and it is high time you take the steps to make your dream a reality. From forming, to creating, to running – it is high time you embrace your own SheBoss.

Your time for personal revolution is now: Are you able, ready, and willing to seize it?

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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