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Loneliness and the Female Executive

It is an all too common tale: Woman graduates college. Woman lands a decent job with upward potential. Woman works hard and advances in the ranks.

...woman then stalls.

In recent interviews and studies of female leaders and executives in the workplace, we begin to uncover the reality behind the Female Advancement Stall. While factors such as misogyny, favoritism, and social barriers do come into play, it seems that there is one smoking gun that burns brighter than all the others: Loneliness.

Women are typically saddled with more burden than their male counterparts when it comes to the familial stability of their home life. As women ascend the ranks in their office, the fear of how the additional work, responsibility, and even income will impact their lifestyle, livelihood, and family. The fear that being further separated from her family, friends, or other obligations can weigh heavy in the psyche of any woman, no matter her career ambitions. This weight can create a deep divide in a female executive’s personal connections and interactions. Becoming fearful that another advancement will lead to additional loneliness and isolation, many women simply stop trying to move up and in doing so, stunt their true abilities and opportunity for growth.

The key to unleashing the true potential in a sea of brilliant female executive minds is simply a shift in thinking. The potential to move past the fear, pushing past the stall, and in doing so, eradicate the loneliness that came come with job promotions and leadership roles. Over two thirds of female executives have said that the key to their success has been to reach out to other likeminded women, and taking proactive steps to avoid the Executive Isolation.

The tale is all too common: Woman graduates college with huge goals, and settles for palpable daydreams because the fear has overtaken her. It is time to change the tale, and overtake the fear.

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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