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How to Form a Business

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Discover Your Passion

There used to be a test administered to students in high school. The test was so iconic that it has made its way into pop culture in movies, television shows, and even music. The test comes down to one question: If you had a million dollars and never had to work a day in your life if you didn’t want to, what would you do with your time? The exercise is supposed to help direct you into your ideal job. If you would spend all your time gardening, you could own a greenhouse. If you would play with children all day, you could work as a teacher or a stay at home mom. If you would read books all day, you could be a scholar or work in a library. The idea is to take money and other restrictions out of the picture and discover what your passion is.

Have a dream

Forming your own business is much like the million dollar test. Forming your business is a space for you to throw restriction and naysayers to the side and build a fantasy business that met your dream standards. Do you want to have several employees under you running the day to day? What does that look like? Do you want to be a global organization with headquarters in six continents? How would you get there? Do you want to offer onsite childcare for your employees or educational benefits? Where could you fit that into your plan?

Make a plan

Start writing things down. This is the place where you begin to consider the logistics. If you have children, who could help you watch them? If you have an idea for a product, would you make it yourself or would you outsource for manufacturing. Can you start your business while working your current job, or would you need to quit your current place of employment to make this venture succeed? Do you have enough money to live off of while you start up, and what products would you be able to initially offer? What is a good and fair cost for your product? What licenses or red tape might you have to skip through? Who would be able to help you? This is the place where you start to write down the general questions that you’ll need to face in the up and coming months.

Make a timeline

Speaking of months, come up with an aggressive (but fair) timeline. How soon could you launch? What kind of assistance can you count on from others? How soon could you hire staff? How soon would you be able to reasonably expect a profit? Come up with some times and dates that are stiff, but doable. After all, a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

Form and Dream together

Too often as women, we feel the need to push back the dreams and forge on with the action. We are accustomed to suppressing our own dreams in order to “prove” ourselves in this male dominated world. This lack of dreaming has left many new female business owners in the unfortunate situation of failing, not because their idea wasn’t good, but because they were too quick to “do” and too reluctant to “dream”. Forming and dreaming about your business before you act is a crucial part of a successful business. Don’t be afraid to be stuck in your head from time to time if you want to be the big boss lady in the long run.

Your time for personal revolution is now: Are you able, ready, and willing to seize it?

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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