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Executive Women and Self Promotion

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The Struggle Is Real

According to a recent study of women executives, a shocking revelation came to the forefront: Women executives in high leadership positions continue to struggle with career advancement. The assumption would be that women in executive positions know, understand, and have been savvy enough to climb the corporate ladder, and therefore would not experience the stall in advancement. It turns out that executive women have the same level of difficulty in advancing their career as women in middle management.

So, what gives?

It comes down to two words: Self Promotion

The unfortunate reality is that women are far less likely to brag about their own accomplishments, take credit for team success, or assert their desire to be promoted in the organization. As a result, female leaders are less likely to be recognized for their work, are less likely to be seen as effective leaders, and appear less interested in climbing the corporate ladder.

Double Standard Exists

We have been conditioned to feel that seeking acknowledgement for a job well done or recognition for our accomplishments is seen as bragging or showboating. While this same trait in our male counterparts is seen more favorably, a less than savory set of descriptive words are associated with women who try to assert credit or request promotion. (While it is tempting to start a list of these names and slurs here, I will refrain. We all know them.)

The Fortune Is In The ASK

Women are, in general, less likely to ask for what we need and want for fear of having it reflect negatively on us. As we do this, we watch promotions pass us by and opportunities be handed to others who stuck their neck out to ask for them.

Take Risks

We need to take risks. We need to take credit. We need to take what we have worked for, regardless of what others might think and despite our fear. If we can’t have the confidence to promote ourselves, then what confidence would others have to promote us?

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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