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Daring to be Pink in a Sea of Suits

It’s odd how a color can come to represent an entire person, place, thing, or concept. When we think of the color green, we often think of freshness, newness, and yes, money. When we think of the color red we envision passion, frustrations, and stop signs. When we think of blue we contemplate the ocean, the sky, and men.

...and then there is pink.

Dare To Be ‘Pink’

Pink has long been associated with women, to the pleasure of many and the chagrin of many others. Pink has long been seen as a feminine color, a color that has been used in the past to evoke images of fragility, passiveness, and weakness. Sadly, the color that has long been associated with women has often been used as an insult. For this reason, many women have shied away from the color, rejecting the negative connotations that come with the rose colored hue.

Stop Trying to Fit In

In the same vein, it seems that many women have tried to reject many of their female qualities in order to fit in at The Boys Table of business. As women, we have apologized for being women and attempted to twist, turn, and alter our daily way of being in order to “fit in”.

It is time we stop abandoning pink. It is time we stop apologizing for being women.

Embrace Being You

It is time to dare to be pink, to dare to be a woman in a world that isn’t ready to accept what that really means. It is time to stop adhering to the standards that we have had handed down to us. It is time to stop assimilating in order to succeed. It is time to succeed on our own terms and doing it our own way. We are strong. We are brilliant. We are capable. No color, no social construct, and no boardroom full of dark suits can dull our shine or hold us back.

We can be strong leaders and be pink. We can be fearless CEOs and be women. We don’t have to reject who we are or be ashamed of how we function.

Pink is a beautiful thing to be.

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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