To Have a New Year, Be New Yourself

Let’s talk about Personal Development and Evaluation! This is to groom you for a successful and prosperous year no matter what comes your way.

What is Personal Development?

Personal Development is the desire or aspiration to change or grow, and taking action in that growing. The point of Personal Development is to:

  • Discover yourself

  • Better yourself

  • Effectively help others grow

If you think about it, it mimics our way of life! We start growing as soon as we are born! Actually, we develop and grow prior to birth, right? Why does growth and development stop when we are adults? It continues.

When we were ready to walk, we stopped crawling and challenged ourselves to walk, even at the expense of ‘falling down’ quite a few times, until we were tired of falling. We strengthened our legs through endless practice, all for the vision of WALKING! You were able to envision walking because you were surrounded by others who were walking! Not around those as much who could not walk! The same principle applies to Personal Growth, keep at it until the vision you see becomes reality!

Evaluation is overall determining, assessing, calculating, estimating, or appraising worth or significance using criteria against a set of standards, according to Webster’s dictionary.

Basically, you are checking for worth or value of something. The point of Evaluation in the since of Personal Development is to:

  • Meet your standards,

  • Reevaluate your standards,

  • And assist in your personal growth.

Ask yourself some of the prompt questions below for each of the three areas that comprise your optimal life:


Evaluate this element to see if you have clear views of yourself, others, and the world. (How am i thinking about myself, life and others?)


Evaluate this element in terms of your health and wellness. (How are my eating habits? Do I maximize exercising for better health?)


Evaluate your spirituality, regardless of faith or religion. This element is most ignored, but we do have spiritual beings that need to be attended in order to have full wholeness and balance. (Am i connected to a higher power? Do I meditate or reflect on my future, on life, etc?).

When all three elements are attended to, this creates a very healthy and optimal state of living. Evaluating means to be honest and accepting of all the results. It is how you use the results of the evaluation that determines your personal growth.

So are you growing? I invite you to complete this self-evaluation to see if you are really serious about changing, or really lying to yourself!