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How to Create a Business

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

You have the dream. You have the drive. You have the product. Now you need to make it happen. Creating your business is simply the act of turning your abstract thoughts, big dreams, and ultimate business goals into a tangible and real venture. While creating your business seems like an impossible task filled with a million tiny specifics, focusing on these three small jumping off points will lead you to knocking off all those small details in record time.

Find the market

You’ve written down all of your thoughts and mapped out your service or product. Now ask yourself: Who is this for? Who will use this product? What does my perfect client look like? How will it help them? Once you’ve unlocked that, it is time to ask yourself the more important question: Where can I find them? Are you looking for other working moms who are juggling their 9-5 job while caring for a family at home? Are you wanting to attract senior citizens with disposable income? Perhaps your service is for young professionals looking to get into a specific field. Do they read mostly print advertising? Radio? Are they in coffee shops? Online? Once you find who you’re looking for, you have to find out how to reach them.

Find the money

Starting a business costs money, plain and simple. The old adage, “You have to spend money to make money” is totally accurate. If you don’t have the full funding to start up your business, and most people don’t, then you need to consider other funding sources. There are many Angel investors in the world these days looking to work with bright and motivated business people with a great vision. There are also banks that offer business loans to qualified individuals. There is also the possibility of crowdsourcing or asking for investors within your friends and family. Whatever method you choose, it is important to move forward with determination and confidence. Generally speaking, women are less likely to ask for what they need or deserve, leaving them less likely to snag the best rates or the big deal. You’re better than that. Remember.

Find the team

Both of the above, and all of the other small details for that matter, become infinitely easier when you have a quality team behind you. Finding the right hire is vastly more important than finding the quick hire. Employing the help of other friends and family is not without merit, especially when it comes to promoting your business. It takes a village, and with the right village surrounding you, it can become a reality quickly. Again, find the confidence and the humility to be willing to ask for help, and be open to hiring help when the time arises. Don’t be afraid to outsource tasks or jobs that can be handled by others, and be aware of when it is time to hire specialists such as graphic designers, social media networkers, or accountants. Hire people who know what they’re doing, and trust them to do it.

With the market in place, the money secured, and the team built – you have created a business. Now you just need to get to running. Running your business, that is.

Your time for personal revolution is now: Are you able, ready, and willing to seize it?

Until then, Be Limitless and Discover Your Next.

What’s Your Next?

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