Get Serious About Your Personal Development

In a recent blog I discussed the definition of personal development and evaluation, setting the stage to begin the work. This blog will help explore and evaluate YOU and see if you are really serious in personally developing you or you’re just lying to yourself!

By evaluating areas of growth, you need to:

  • Identify those areas you are trying to grow

  • Question the areas you are not growing in

  • Be honest and face the facts

In the areas where you see growth, identify what you are doing to see if you can apply that to the other areas you are trying to grow in. For the areas you are not seeing growth, ask yourself, “Why am I not growing?” You may need to make some tough but well needed decisions as to the person(s), place(s), and thing(s) such as to see if they’re benefits or deficits. If they are deficits, you may need to either adjust how they are in your life, or cut them off completely in order to continue the growth process! Recognize when you graduated from that person, place, or thing that got you to your different levels of growth, and how that door may need to close for the next door to open to the next level of growth! Tight but it’s right!

Let us discuss how to identify challenging areas in need of growth.

It’s all about Checks and Balances, Deficits and Assets.

  • Check your life and see what’s a benefit and what’s not.

  • Do a thorough check over every area involving your life in terms of your environment, friends, family, relationships, attitude, work, health, lifestyle, spirituality.

  • We are comprised of three elements: Mind, Body, and Spirit. If two of the three are functioning and maintaining well, but the third is not, you are still not flowing fully in life like you could!

  • Again, it takes you being honest with yourself, determined to even look at your life in totality, and willingness to change. To face and accept change is growth and maturity! We are creatures of habit, so if change and its results are unfamiliar, we would be rather reluctant to welcome change.

  • Change also seems to cost. It calls for a ‘loss’ or letting go of something to make room for something unfamiliar to come in!

  • Look at what, who, and where that are beneficial and what, who, and where that are detrimental, all for your own self-improvement! You are worth it and deserve better!

Isn’t personal development easy? Being facetious, it isn’t an easy task, but it is needed and well worth it for your overall optimal state of being and health. You are your own investment! Start pouring into yourself this year!