15 Positive Ways to Improve, Enhance & Maintain Personal Growth This Year

With uncertainty on the horizon as we enter into a New Year that we have never experience, in a pandemic, it is imperative that we are well prepared to have a productive, profitable, and poignant year no matter what. Here are 15 ways to put into perspective as you improve, enhance and maintain personal and professional growth this year.

1. When we grow, others grow, too.

We impact and impart into people who are in our lives whether negatively or positively. Let’s purpose to impact and impart in them to stimulate growth to respect the position we play in their lives.

2. Set SMART Goals

Evaluate and Reevaluate every three months to see how you are doing with your goals, if you have to revamp, tweak, or continue with the goal process, and make sure the criteria you have set up for yourself is relevant to you for successful accomplishment.

3. Accept the Things You Cannot Change

Obstacles and circumstances will come so accept it, deal with it, manage it, and keep it moving! Whatever you do, do not stop pressing towards your goals. Also, you will have haters! If you do not have any, you aren’t doing something right!

4. Set Your Expectations and Goals High

Don’t dummy yourself down to walk with the pigeons and turkeys when you’re an eagle! You may need to let go of those who do not share the same vision and passion of going upward. If you have anyone speaking against your dreams and ambitions when you are clear you have dreams and goals, use the negative things they say to your advantage to encourage you and to prove them wrong!

5. Be Honest with Yourself and Accept Matters for What They Are

Go through it so you don’t have to go through it anymore or expose yourself to challenging situations so that you adapt to challenges effectively.

6. Get Involved with Things that Supplement Your Worth and Growth.

Become a volunteer, mentor, and teacher over areas in which you have experience.

7. Be Positive

Accept acceptable things about you. Be around positivity whenever possible. Have positive quotes, sayings, and affirmations around you. Speak to yourself in the mirror before leaving home or have 3×5 cards of positive affirmations around your home and speak into the atmosphere of what you would want your day to be like!

8. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself that you have something to bring to this world. You are here for a reason.

9. No longer be insane. Do different to get different results

You have to do something different within the equation. Bottom line, do something you haven’t done before in order to get something you never ever had!

10. Celebrate your successes

It’s all in your perspective and in seeing things. Celebrate yourself more than you ever have this year.

11. Surround yourself with those who will hold you accountable and responsible

Have those around you who have your best interests at heart.

12. Discover your likes and dislikes, get to know and like yourself

We do not know ourselves or make enough time as we should. It is time that you do. You may be surprised at your beautiful discoveries that makes you fall in love with yourself. Come to know who you really are this year. You may be wonderfully surprised at the discovery.

13. Do what you are able until you are able to do a little bit more

Don’t take on more than you can handle. Break down what is at present to make it less overwhelming and more attainable. Recognize your boundaries and limitations.

14. Journal your successes

Keep others in mind while you are journaling so you can share your testimony with others. Also, when you have challenging times you can always turn to your success journal as a point of reference to get by.

15. Focus on the goal and trust the process

Remember, every day may not be a great day, but every day is definitely a learning day. What are you learning every day?

Final Thoughts:

I tell my clients two things. Give yourself courtesy and extend grace. Be patient with yourself. It’s a process. You didn’t become the way you are overnight, so it may take some time getting to where you want to be. Here’s the encourager; you are not where you used to be either! You will know you are on the right track of personal growth when you effortlessly flow and no longer allow things to negatively affect you or have a hold on you anymore.